Grau 5.56 warzone

We list the Recommended Setup, Essential Attachments, and two different attachment setups. Please proceed with caution, this is just our own opinion on essentials and recommended attachments. This is our recommended class setup for the Grau 5. The Grau is insanely accurate at medium ranges with little to no recoil making it the most popular gun in the game.

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We highly recommend when creating a build you include these attachments in your setup. This leaves you two other attachments to choose from that will help with your build. We highly recommend you pair this build with one of the SMGs for maximum kills.

If you feel that it is too slow for movement changing the Underbarrel to Commando Foregrip, barrel to Nexus or the Ammunition to 50 round Mags will help or you can change all three.

These are our recommended attachments for the Grau aggressive build.

Grau 5.56 Loadouts

This build is a hybrid between medium and short range. There are better options for this range see the M4A1 build. If the Grau has more kick than you like replace the Underbarrel with something different like an Operator Foregrip.

Please proceed with caution, this is just our own opinion on essentials and recommended attachments Recommended Class Setup This is our recommended class setup for the Grau 5. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading E-mail ceo warzonemeta.Try something new with the best Grau loadouts for Warzone.

You may have unlocked the Grau 5. If you're yet to test out this powerful assault rifle, I'm here to help you unlock it. Each weapon has a unique feel, and the Grau 5. This gun is lightweight and accurate, while rivaling the range and mobility of other assault rifles in its class.

Let's make some space in your loadouts for a new build that'll keep the pressure on your opponents. Here are the best Grau setups, and a selection of attachments that are just too good to ignore. There are a few weapons that require you to complete specific challenges in order to access them. To unlock the Grau 5. It's a steep task, but you can make quick work of it if you own CoD: Modern Warfare.

Simply hop into Multiplayer with an assault rifle like the M4A1 or M13 and begin stacking eliminations. Maps like Rust and Shipment are an ideal size for storming through the challenge as players spawn close together.

Accessing the Grau as a free-to-play Warzone player is significantly harder. It's best to wait for a free Multiplayer weekend to grind through these types of challenges. While trying to unlock the Grau in regular Warzone and Plunder matches is technically possible, it's extremely difficult and not worth your time.

It takes a while to unlock all the weapon attachments for the Grau, but this is where the grind begins to pay off. This build opts for a balanced setup, making it easy to adapt to if you're used to flitting through Verdansk with other assault rifles. Landing my Semtex on a panicking opponent is the highlight of my Warzone matches, so consider equipping one for your lethal slot. The Commando Foregrip underbarrel stabilises your aim and recoil, and is a stellar attachment considering how early you unlock it.

This loadout also takes full advantage of the Grau's extended mag capabilities with the 60 Round Mags. The Tempus After squirreling away cash over the course of the match, you're due a rewarding loadout drop. The Overkill perk ensures you get your money's worth, handing you a Grau 5.

the NEW GRAU META.. ITS BUFFED 🔥 (Best Grau 5.56 Class Setup) Cold War Warzone

Amped is necessary for quick weapon swapping when you notice an ant-sized opponent on the horizon and want to take them out.Looking for the best Grau loadout in Warzone? We experimented with a lot of different setups, and we finally nailed the best one. Many players love this weapon because of its usefulness in all situations. You can easily shred through enemies at any distance with this high rate-of-fire, laser-beam of a weapon.

Between the Grau 5. Recently, most people tend to be running overpowered Grau 5. The Grau 5. It has less recoil than the M4A1 and tends to be slightly more effective at long ranges.

When you run this loadout, keep in mind a lot of attachments come down to personal preference. This loadout is customized to win Warzone games and minimize recoil, improve stability, and increase bullet velocity.

Experiment with different setups to find what suits your playstyle best. As with every Warzone loadoutwe opt for the Monolithic Suppressor to stay hidden on the radar. Iron sights on the Grau are good enough, but you can always go for an optic if you feel the need.

The Commando Foregrip helps to stabilize recoil and make the gun easy to control. The FFS Originally, we were liking the Archangel, but the Nexus edged out over it in the long run. Try them both out and see which one you like better. You might come up with a different conclusion than us. For that reason, we go with the 50 or round magazines.

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These attachments make the gun slightly faster overall, which you will notice. The recoil control takes a bit of a hit with these grips, but the weapon is still amazingly accurate. As an alternate setup, you could try running the Tac Laser, but you might notice it makes the gun a bit slower. Again, it comes down to whatever weapons you can use to win. It would help if you were running a clone of this loadout, where you could pick up the rocket launcher for an anti-vehicle weapon.

Some other good alternatives are Cold-Blooded and Ghost because they will keep you hidden from people using thermals and hide you from heartbeat sensors.

These attachments, equipment, and secondary weapons make for the best Grau loadout in Warzone.Before the Warzone nerfs, the Grau 5.

grau 5.56 warzone

It dominated the game, and any player with the gun was sure to gain an advantage against enemy players. It was capable of high damage and low recoil at a great distance. Due to the prevalence and dominance of the weapon, especially in Warzone, the Grau was nerfed and it was no longer the obvious choice for a weapon. However, the Grau is still fantastic and is competitive with the other top assault rifle choices.

With the right loadout optionsthe Grau 5. The Grau is competitive with the top assault rifles in Warzone, and it's also built in a very similar way for the base loadout.

The idea behind assault rifles is to utilize the range and accuracy of the weapons to start before enhancing that for the versatility needed in a Warzone match. The commando grip is one of the few grips that offer some recoil control of the weapon without getting rid of too much mobility and, more importantly, ADS speed.

The extended magazine is a given for pretty much any assault rifle build, whether it is a primary or a secondary weapon. The extra ammo will allow for team wipes at range, especially with the range potential of the Grau. Both are standard attachment types for Warzone based assault rifles. The last option is typically between the monolithic suppressor and a sight. On paper, running a monolithic suppressor will be of much more use than a sight because it can increase damage range while also making the gun quieter and providing control.

However, many players will be more accurate with a sight and can perform better with a sight rather than the suppressor with an iron sight. In general, this loadout build can apply to almost any top-tier assault rifle. Whether it is the Kilo, the M13 or the M4, assault rifles tend not to vary as much as other classes. Stick to the attachments listed, with some deviations if needed, and the Grau 5.

New User posted their first comment. Log in. Modified 20 Sep The best Grau 5. Grau 5. Published 20 SepIST 0. Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

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Add a comment. Contact Us. GDPR Compliance.Players are always looking to gain an edge in Call of Duty: Warzone. Having the best strategies, the best loadout possible, and knowing all the tricks can be the answer for how to win the battle royale match in Warzone.

The Grau 5. The gun is very powerful, it maintains its strength at range, has fast fire-rate, and with the right attachments can be deadly accurate. The Grau5. The assault rifle is right at home with the best loadouts for Warzone. There are attachments that can be put on the Grau that make it extremely accurate. There are a few guns that kill faster in Warzonebut if the gun kicks like a mule, it won't be very helpful when bullets aren't connecting.

With this Grau setup, the gun is an absolute laser for any distance, and still maintains its speed of handling that help it feel almost like an SMG at close ranges.

grau 5.56 warzone

The above attachments help take the Grau from a great weapon, even naked, to an all-around monster in Warzone. The Monolith Suppressor makes the gun quiet, and players won't show up on the radar. Additionally, the Monolith Suppressor and the Nexus Barrel both help with extending the damage range for the Grau. The Nexus barrel also ups the bullet velocity of the gun and makes it more accurate.

The Tac Laser helps counter some of the negatives of the other attachments, including improving the aim down sight speed. The Commando Foregrip improves the recoil stabilization and general accuracy. And lastly, 60 rounds in a game like Warzone is super helpful, as fewer reloads and more bullets downfield equal more kills. The gun is just one piece of the perfect loadout. Perks, equipment, and other weapons complete the package.

There are quite a few different options to make an amazing Grau class because the gun is so versatile. The attachments here help with the speedy handling of the weapon. Some say that the HDR is the best Sniper in Warzoneas the Kar98 is technically a Marksman Rifle, but any sniper set-up that the player feels comfortable with will work here.

The Grau can be used at mid and close range, and the sniper can take care of everyone else.

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The Cold-Blooded perk makes players not show up on thermal optics, Overkill is required for two primaries, and Amped helps players swap between those two primaries very quickly. C4 is a great anti-vehicle option, and the Heartbeat Sensor helps with creeping up on enemies or catching campers in buildings.

Although many, including Dr. DisRespect, would like to see the RPG taken out of Warzoneor at least nerfed, the secondary is super effective against vehicles and humans alike.Stainless steel Additional weight stabilizes shots but hinders mobility. Partially shrouded This heavy weight barrel is ideal for improving long range marksmanship. Aluminum alloy shroud and chrome-moly polygonal rifled barrel perfectly balance range with mobility.

Ultra short 5. Ultra bright 5mW green laser greatly improves hipfire accuracy and speeds up target acquisition after sprinting. Exposes position when active. Only for the aggressive.

The best Grau 5.56 builds for Warzone

High power 5mW Tactical Green laser greatly improves accuracy while aiming down sights. Suppress the flash of your weapon to help keep your target visible, and your position concealed. Slightly lowers muzzle velocity. Monolithic Suppressor provides superior sound suppression and increased range.

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Moderate weight increase affects agility. Not compatible with NVG goggles. Advanced 3. Can not use while NVG is active. Stippled pistol grip tape maintains control performing high speed maneuvers. Less stable but very agile. The ultimate run and gun modification when agility is more important than precision. Removing the stock greatly increases movement. Heavy weight angled grip keeps the weapon steady while aiming, and helps maintain control during heavy fire. Underbarrel mounted grenade launcher loaded with non-lethal Concussive rounds designed to stun your enemy.

Underbarrel mounted grenade launcher loaded with non-lethal Flash rounds designed to temporarily blind your enemy. Underbarrel mounted grenade launcher loaded with Snapshot rounds. This recon device provides a momentary glimpse of enemies within the blast radius. Underbarrel mounted grenade launcher loaded with non-lethal Smoke rounds desgined to conceal your movement. Extended foregrip reduces vertical recoil and provides stability from the hip for fast-paced guerrilla tactics.

Standard foregrip improves vertical recoil and stabilizes weapon while aiming for improved long range combat.Do not have an account yet? Click here to join us! Password forgotten? Click here to define a new one. Your username is how other community members will see you. Ever dreamt of being called JohnWick? Now is the time. The Grau has dominated Verdansk since its release in the original Season 2 back in July of last year, even after a series of nerfs around Season 4 and 5 the Assault Rifle is still one of the sickest primary weapons you can rock in Warzone.

In and after a reset of the Season counter, we are "back" into Season 2 and to mangle the ol' saying: there are three constants in Warzone - death, stim glitchesand the Grau. That doesn't mean nothing has changed, Verdansk is getting some new additions in Season 2, there is also the two new weapons, all with the ability to shift and prod the meta.

This Grau 5.

grau 5.56 warzone

The key to this setup is the Monolithic Suppressor and Tempus Archangel Barrel reduce the horizontal sway with the Ranger Foregrip helping with any vertical recoil. The VLK 3. Email address. I don't wish to receive cool stuff from GINX.

User name. To follow, please login or register for a GINX account. Sign in. Videos results. Fetch more videos. Articles results. Fetch more posts. Users results. Fetch more users. The Grau has always been a top tier weapon in Warzone and in Season 2 it is no different - here is the best Grau loadout for the new season.

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